New couch to 5k course in Skelmersdale

Line dancing

Line Dancing class is running at Greenhill Hub, Beech Close , Skelmersdale WN8 8DL   Cost is £3 and just turn up – no booking required!

It runs weekly – every Tuesday, 10am – 12pm.


Tai Chi

Come along to our Tai Chi class! You will be introduced to an easy and effective Tai Chi form – proven to regulate blood insulin levels, improve balance, coordination, and well-being, and alleviate stress and anxiety.

There is a new Monday session running at Emmauel Church Hall, Derby Street, Ormskirk  10 – 11am – places available and free of charge but booking is essential. Please ring 01695 555804.

Tuesday session at Burscough is continuing at Methodist Church Hall, Burscough, L40 0SG,  11am-12pm.  EAch session costs £4. Bookings direct with Heather Reade mobile:07450954900 email:


Please wear comfortable clothing and flat-soled footwear (soft trainers); bring a bottle of water for the break.


Nordic walking

Our current Nordic Walking course is running until October but we may run another course, so please let us know if you are interested!  Phone us on 01695-555804.

Hit the summer scales

Health Day highlights

Health Day 2018

Can you help us to reach our target of walking 24,901 miles – the equivalent of the circumference of Earth?

Join in this Lancashire-wide campaign during Active West Lancs’ Health Day to see how many miles we can clock up together.

We will be encouraging as many people as possible to complete a mile – whether that’s walking, running, cycling, swimming, rowing, or any other way you can think of!

Special ‘Mile a Day’ events are being held across the whole of Lancashire on Friday 18th May, aiming to get as many people as possible completing one mile.  This will also include getting as many school children in Lancashire as possible completing a mile during their school day.

West Lancs activities on May 18th

  • Royal Mile – Come down and join us at Coronation Park, Ormskirk and do #yourmileyourway  around our Royal mile path  – walk, jog, hop, skip, cycle, cartwheel, scooter etc – however you want to get round – you decide!  We will be starting the mile at 1pm and  then join us for a well-earned traditional tea and scone/fairy cake after your mile! Unfortunately, Prince Harry and Megan are a little busy to join us but we can give them ‘cheers’ with our brews!
  • Line Dancing – we will be having an outdoor line dancing session by the Bandstand at Coronation Park, Ormskirk at 2pm. So come on over and join in the fun – no co-ordination needed!  Don’t forget to ‘pledge your mile’ as we will easily Line Dance the equivalent of a mile!
  • In addition, if you are going to Park Pool, Nye Bevan or Burscough Leisure Centre that day – jump on the equipment, swim in the pool etc and clock up a mile that day ( or over the course of the week!)

Remember, don’t let your hard work go unrecognised  – remember to PLEDGE YOUR MILE at

Let us know how you are doing your mile on May 18th!

Download the leaflet here.

Active Weight course – changing lives

Our Active Weight course is receiving lots of positive feedback about the difference it has made to the lives of participants:

‘Over the years I have tried many different diets with various degrees of success, I was always unable to sustain any of them and eventually put on more weight than I had lost.  For the past few years I have continued to gain weight and now with hindsight I realise that I had little understanding of how the food choices I was making.  This time however it is different, and during the past ten weeks I have learnt so much.  As the weeks have progressed I have put into practice everything I have learned and this has resulted in me feeling revitalised and achieving a good weight loss each week.

‘The Active Weight course has totally changed my life.  I have lost 20.5lbs and know that I will be able to sustain this lifestyle and continue everything I have learned.

‘I would also like to say a huge thank you to Paula who as well as making the sessions fun and memorable has imparted her expert knowledge and provided me with valuable facts and information essential for success.  It’s all been so easy, I do not regard this as a diet, there are no counting calories or weighing out food and easy to remember.  I am eating well, I have never felt hungry and I don’t feel that I am depriving myself. I feel great, I have more energy and a lot fewer aches and pains and the realisation has finally dawned that it’s time to start to take care of myself.’

Susan – Burscough

Prior to joining Active West Lancs due to illness, I had become lethargic and become more depressed and became more and more overweight.  It had become a vicious circle.  After joining the programme I had been made aware of the nutritional values in food and how exercise and correct nutrition can help me both in mind as well as body.  This helped me make friends which also gave us a bigger goal each week.  I have changed the way I eat, cook and I am much more careful when I go shopping.  I wouldn’t have done this without Active West Lancs.  My weight loss has made my movement, breathing and health much better due to my healthy eating.

Stephanie – Burscough

The scheme has been excellent, informative and supportive.  It was delivered in a professional and friendly manner.  It has helped me gain the knowledge and confidence of how to control and lose weight in a healthy managed way, avoiding crash diets that don’t work!  I managed to lose 10lbs over the 10 week course.

Now when I shop I have changed my shopping and eating habits, buying fresh food, cooking from fresh and buying low fat products.  I would highly recommend the course to anyone wanting to find out how to lose weight and sustain weight in a healthy managed way.

Anonymous – Ormskirk

The 12 week programme has improved my knowledge of food, drink and exercise.

The benefits have been helpful in improving my overall eating pattern along with portion sizes.

The end result was a weight loss of 6lbs but has encouraged me to continue with the new lifestyle.          Elaine – Skelmersdale

Fantastic course and thoroughly enjoyed every topic which was excellently explained in fine detail by Paula.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to lose weight or just change their diet for better

Paul – Skelmersdale

At the beginning of the programme I was feeling unmotivated, tired and had low body image.  After losing weight I am feeling energised and more confident.  I can walk further without feeling out of breath.I have learned about healthy eating and portion control and am able to make better choices when buying food and eating out.  I am cooking fresh foods more and enjoying cooking again.

I am feeling more positive about my health and losing weight in the future.

Wendy – Skelmersdale




Tai Chi

Come along to our new Tai Chi class! You will be introduced to an easy and effective Tai Chi form – proven to regulate blood insulin levels, improve balance, coordination, and well-being, and alleviate stress and anxiety.

Please wear comfortable clothing and flat-soled footwear (soft trainers); bring a bottle of water for the break.

Venue: Burscough Methodist Church Hall, Burscough, L40 0SG

Time: 11am-12pm

Day: Tuesdays

Limited spaces available – booking essential. Please ring 01695 555804

Line Dancing

You are invited to join a new Line Dancing class starting 17th April at Greenhill Hub, Beech Close , Skelmersdale WN8 8DL

It will run weekly – every Tuesday, 10am – 12pm

Free of charge, no booking required, open to all!