Fresh Air, Fresh Start programme at Burscough Community Farm

Run by skilled and knowledgeable directors, members and associates of Burscough Community Farm, the ‘Fresh Air, Fresh Start’ Programme will consist of a rolling 12 week, half or full day training program, with access to the farm during the week for people to practise and enjoy what they have learned.

All the directors and members of Burscough Community Farm live by the knowledge that doing purposeful outdoor activities promotes your physical and mental health and wellbeing. This is backed up by hard scientific proof over many studies.

Each course will introduce a new theme and new range of skills designed to promote each person’s  health and broaden their knowledge; in short, to get them outdoors, fit and healthy.

Example courses will be:

  • Organic food growing techniques
  • Personal Wellbeing
  • Keeping chickens for eggs
  • Willow weaving project – making your own craft item
  • Making a ceramic pot
  • Wooden spoon carving
  • Outdoor cooking; from field to fork
  • Introduction to bee keeping
  • Nature Watching
  • Introduction to Permaculture
  • Introduction to movement, Yoga and Meditation
  • Cycling for transport and to a new way of life
  • Nutrition
  • Intentional living

All the courses will go through a program of accreditation to ensure that they meet and address a key set of objectives.

Burscough Community Farm CIC (Community Interest Company) is a ‘not for profit’ Social Enterprise. The purpose of the organisation is to grow environmentally sustainable food, promote health and well-being, teach organic growing techniques and rural crafts, grow community and preserve wildlife. All of this is done on an 18 acre smallholding spread across two fields in West Lancashire on the northern outskirts of Burscough.

To register your interest or to find out more, do contact us.