GP referral scheme can change your life

George, who was referred to Active West Lancs by his GP in November 2016, has recently finished the 12 week programme and describes the life-changing effect it has had on him:

‘During a routine visit to my GP, I was referred to Active West Lancs and in November 2016 I started a 12 week fitness course (free of charge) at the gymnasium at Banks. The first session consisted of enrolment and familiarisation of the equipment in the gym. The instructor, Craig Baxter took note of my age, physical condition and what I wanted to achieve and also what he thought I could achieve. As the weeks passed I found that my physical wellbeing improved along with my level of fitness. Craig was at the heart of the sessions, always with a word of encouragement in a kind and considerate manner. His enthusiasm was encouraging to all that were on the course and he was always available for advice. As the weeks moved on the group bonded together and it became a pleasure to attend the sessions. At the end of the 12 weeks I decided to enrol at the gym as I didn’t want my fitness level to decline and wished to retain a satisfactory level.

‘When I started on the programme I was suffering from depression (for 18 months) and taking a high dose of medication, I was also being prescribed statins for high cholesterol levels. I have been reviewed by my GP and I no longer take anti-depressants and my cholesterol level reduced so significantly that I was able to stop that medication as well. I have also dropped a trouser side and a collar size. Much of this is due to Craig’s drive and determination and I would have no hesitation in recommending the Active West Lancs programme to anyone. ‘

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