Park pool sets the tone

West Lancashire residents now have the chance to shape up – as Park Pool in Ormskirk reopens following its £250,000 state-of-the-art gym transformation.

Throughout August, the gym at the Park Pool venue underwent a massive refurbishment and a range of new equipment has also been installed including top-of-the-range life fitness equipment, which has TV and internet functions; a range of octane equipment including XT, Lateral and Zero runner; a Watt bike training zone and extended weights area.

The gym now also boasts the newest model of the Boditrax machine, which measures fitness fans’ weight, visceral fat, body and muscle composition.  This will enable our fitness instructors to be able to tailor-make a personalised programme for gym users, which will focus on the areas the user wants to make the most difference to as well as improving their overall health and fitness levels.

The facility offers gym memberships, swimming lessons, birthday parties, casual and family swimming and workout classes including virtual RPM and holiday activities. Virtual RPM is an indoor cycling workout led by a team coach who takes cyclist on a virtual journey through hills, flats, mountain peaks, time trials, and interval training on an exercise bike.