GP referral scheme - transforming lives

The Active West Lancs GP referral scheme is receiving lots of positive feedback about the difference it has made to the lives of participants:


Active West Lancs: GP Referral Scheme - Testimonials

‘During a routine visit to my GP, I was referred to Active West Lancs and in November 2016 I started a 12 week fitness course (free of charge) at the gym at Banks… As the weeks passed I found that my physical wellbeing improved along with my level of fitness…. the group bonded together and it became a pleasure to attend the sessions.

When I started on the programme I was suffering from depression (for 18 months) and taking a high dose of medication, I was also being prescribed statins for high cholesterol levels. I have been reviewed by my GP and I no longer take anti-depressants and my cholesterol level reduced so significantly that I was able to stop that medication as well. I have also dropped a trouser side and a collar size. Much of this is due to Craig’s drive and determination and I would have no hesitation in recommending the Active West Lancs programme to anyone’.

George, February 2017

Before I started the 12 week programme, I was overweight and not feeling fit.  I was getting out of breath and just not feeling well in myself.  I had backache and pains in my legs.  Since completing the 12 weeks, my weight has come down, my breathing is better and my wellbeing has improved.  Pains in my back and legs have gone.

The scheme has given me the confidence to join the gym and carry on the good work the trainer had achieved with me.

Stephen, Ormskirk, April 2017

I thoroughly enjoyed the Active West Lancs gym service, I would recommend it to anyone!   Kelly and Craig were fantastic throughout, making sure my programme was up to date and that I was working at the correct intensity so that I would see changes in my body shape and body weight. They were both encouraging me to keep going on my off days. I have lost 17 kg and it has kick started a positive change in my lifestyle. I would recommend this service to everyone thinking of changing their life for the better.

Andrew, Burscough, May 2017 


In the last few years I have had two operations on my spine…I was in a wheelchair until 18 months ago.  I was referred to the Active course – it has helped me tremendously.  My stability has improved… and I feel stronger every week

Margaret, Burscough, April 2017

When I first started I was totally unfit.  I found exercising very difficult at the start, but because of the advice, help and encouragement from my instructor Andy, I am now spending more time in the gym.  I am enjoying the exercise now and feeling better for doing it, and believe that exercise is having a beneficial effect on my medical problems.

Paul, Ormskirk, May 2017


At the start of the programme I felt down and out and needed confidence boosting.  During my 12 weeks, I have gained my confidence back, made new friends and lost some weight.  Now I feel more active and alert, and less lethargic.  I would recommend this programme to anybody who feels they need to have a confidence boost and get a bit more active.

Catherine, Burscough, May 2017


I applied to take part in the 12 week course after having both hips replaced in 2015.  My main objective was to regain strength in both legs.  I can see a great improvement in both of my legs and am becoming more supple.  I very much enjoy the gym sessions, I also enjoy meeting others there….The instructors are encouraging and caring.  I come away refreshed!

Elizabeth, Burscough, April 2017